Red Roo Models Resin

RRR48125 Spitfire Cannon Bulges

by Steve Mackenzie

Review Type:
$5.00 AUD
Contents and Media:
Instruction sheets - none supplied plus resin pieces.
High quality and attention to detail. Very good quality resin with no discernable faults. No instructions applicable.
Highly recommended for those interested in the enhancement of models of these subjects.


Another simple set of six resin pieces only, finely moulded, from Red Roo. Again no instructions, only the header slip as illustrated. designed to replace the bulges on some of the older brands available of the Spitfire(Otaki/Arii/Matchbox/Airfix kits). Can be used where appropiate on both Mk.V and Mk.VIII Spitfires used by the RAAF.


All sets are available from Red Roo Models:

Gary Byk ->


Address: Red Roo Models
P.O Box 113
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Many thanks to Gary Byk from Red Roo Models for the review copies!


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