DMold Modelworks

DM48007 A-4C corrected intakes

Review by David Harvey

1/48 scale
Catalogue Number and Details:
AUD $7.00 from Zed Hobbies
Review Type:
First Look
Contents and Media:
2 x resin intakes and 2 x resin supports?
Very fine panel lines
None to my knowledge


These intakes are designed for the Hasegawa A-4C and are a simple drop fit for the kit parts. There are no instruction sheets as they simply replace the kit parts. The parts are nicely molded and have very fine panel lines that should fit in well with the Hasegawa kit.


The update is simple and should be easily within the capabilities of all modellers.

The review sample is courtesy of, and available from, Lawrence of Zed Hobbies. For more information on Dmold products go to the Zed Hobbies site or Dmold Modelworks site.


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