Red Roo Micro Precision Cutters with curved blade

Review by David Harvey

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$25.00 AUD
Review Type:
First Look
Contents and Media:
1 x set of cutters
easy to use and sharp
None at this stage
Highly Recommended



In the continuing effort to bring more variety to the Australian Modelling market Gary Byk of Red Roo has been branching out into areas other than Decals and Conversion sets. Today we look at one of the modelling aids that he has brought forth, the Red Roo Micro Precision Cutters with a curved blade.

The accessory

This set of cutters is a nicely sharp set of blades that are spring loaded to return to the open position. I have no doubt that they can be used for many different uses in modelling of which one of them would be trimming rigging wires on biplanes. These cutters are manufactured by the company 'Burfitt' in stainless steel and the blades are sharp so as long as you don't try trimming your toenails with them i'm sure they will last a long time.


Highly useful accessories such as this can only be highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of, and available from, Red Roo Models.


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