Terms and Conditions
  • Please feel welcome to join in and contribute to the Discussion Group. Your contributions should remain within the context of modelling and in the spirit of the group discussion (i.e. tips and techniques, industry news, upcoming releases, kit construction problems, or similar topics).

    Generally accepted subject matter classifed as 'Off Topic' (O/T) maybe posted on the forum page, without fear of removal. Off Topic subjects must be constrained within the ambience of decency and in the spirit of what a reasonable person would consider acceptable.

  • Posting of any images taken on or from an Australian defence facility is strictly forbidden. Any images showing current ADF assets must be vetted and approved in writing (by the appropriate authority) prior to such images qualifying for display - on both this website and forum page.

    Caveat: Images taken at ADF 'open day' style events (eg. airshows held on a RAAF Base) may be posted with out first obtaining clearances.
    If the editors' believe that an element contained in the image may compromise security - the editors' reserve the right to edit the image in order to disguise or remove such elements.

    Images of ADF assets taken from a position outside a defence facility and in the public domain - are permitted. (eg. Photo taken of an F/A-18 Hornet from outside RAAF Williamtown etc). Once again, the editors' reserve the right to vett and edit such photographic images.

    The editors' prefer that an image/s taken of defence assets located on an a defence establishment - have all background infrastructure blurred out. (eg. Photograph taken of an F/A-18 on the hardstand at RAAF Williamtown - the aircraft subject may be shown, but the background must be blurred if it includes items of defence infrastructure).
    NOTE: Images maybe sent to the editors' who will edit/blurr the background if you do not have access to image editing software.

    Images taken of ADF aircraft from civilian airports (inc. co-located civilian/military airports) are acceptable.

  • Current serving ADF members' are strongly encouraged to not identify themselves by their rank, unit, SQN, Regiment, or other place of employment.

    No reference to deployments are to be made at all.

    (You may state that you are a member of the Navy/Army/RAAF - but no other identifying information maybe included).

    ADF recruits' and trainees' may state that they are infact recruits/trainees' and may also post information pertaining to their training progress and date of graduation. (eg. Army recruit undertaking recruit training at 1RTB Kapooka).

  • Posting of images protected by copyright © laws is strictly forbidden. Appropriate acknowledgement must be accredited to images taken by other persons - and only then, where valid written or verbal permission has been given to use their material.

  • Deliberate 'anonymous' posts will be removed from the server. The editors' reserve the right to determine which posts are appropriate or not.

  • ADF members' are permitted to use pseudonyms when signing into Network54.

  • NB: By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative any laws.

    > Vulgar language, offensive and/or racist comments, strong political views, denigration or defamation of any person and generally argumentative or quarrelsome behaviour will not be tolerated. Anyone identified breaching these rules will be permanently barred from this forum group.

  • Please refrain from posting negative  personal opinions relating to defence procurements or casting disparaging remarks directed at the Australian/NZ government or government agencies and/or their contractors' and employees' thereof.
    No information or opinions pertaining to the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) maybe posted.

  • Posts deemed to be antagonistic and/or aggressive in nature, will be immediately removed from the server.

  • The editors' accept no responsibility for the validity of information posted here. Any complaints should be directed to the editors' at the earlist convenience.

  • Posts which engage in the criticism or condemnation of other modelling websites will be deleted.
    The decision to moderate, delimit, close, or delete any discussion is at the discretion of the editor and his decision is final in these matters.

  • Internet 'Hawkers' and those who post multiple messages offering items for sale or trade, will have their posts removed. Recidivist offenders' will have their access to the forum pages permanently BLOCKED. Sale/Trade items WILL BE posted in the 'Market Place'.

    IMPORTANT: In order to preserve the integrity of this website - all contributors' are requested to please use their real name and/or actual e-mail address (with exception to current serving ADF members'). Business owners are more than welcome to advertise on this Discussion Group; however, you are requested to make your business name clear and you will include a postal business address, or suitable contact point in your post.

    These terms and conditions for posting may seem extreme in some instances; however, they have been carefully drafted under Federal Australian legal advice and presented with the best interests (and longevity) of the AMI website in mind.

David Harvey - Editor

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