Mirage IIIO

Italeri/Esci 1/48 Mirage IIIE/O, A3-60 3 SQN RAAF

by Andrew Doppel


Serial No


A/C type

Mirage IIIO

Based at

3 Squadron, Butterworth, Malaysia (Circa late 1983)


One of three 3 Sqn Mirages repainted in experimental schemes (A3-31 having a lighter version) the other two Mirages were deemed suitable but were repainted in 1984 with the standard grey scheme, A3-60 going to 77 Squadron.


Grey on grey with high visibility markings.


1/48 Italeri/Esci Mirage IIIE/O with High Planes resin cockpit, front wheel well and Mk. 6 seat. Decals from the kit with replacement roundels from Hawkeye and other details from the spares box.  Paints: Humbrol 127 and 28 (The colors are lighter in the flesh than in the pics)


Decal sheet instructions and Mirage IIIO-Colors and Markings (Mottram/Mason)


The Images