Ronin Graphics 2OCU F/A-18 75th Scheme 1/48 - Decals

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Ronin Graphics 2OCU F/A-18 75th Scheme 1/48 - Decals

Postby TonyP » Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:31 pm

Ronin Graphics 2OCU F/A-18 75th anniversary Scheme 1/48

The role of 2OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) is to train graduates from Bae Hawks or other non-fighter aircraft in the art of strike and combat before moving onto frontline fighter squadrons. The unit also trains flight combat instructors (FCI’s). Formed in Port Pirie, South Australia during World War 2 in 1942, the unit moved to its present location at RAAF Williamtown in 1952. The tiger emblem or colours have been applied to aircraft of the unit since the Sabre. The origins of which are allegedly attributed to the Football Clubs of Richmond in the AFL and/or the Balmain (now Wests) Tigers of the NRL. 2OCU have marked their 60th and 70th anniversaries on the tail of their F/A-18s but the 75th tail is the first time the whole tail has been adorned. The yellow tails is quite striking and the aircraft has been popular during airhows at Avalon and Wollongong.

Image Image
The 60th and 70th tails

The subject of this review is Ronin Graphics 2OCU F/A-18 75th anniversary Scheme decals in 1/48 scale. The first thing that stands out when looking at the decal sheet is that 2 sets of tiger head & stripes for the outer and inner fin markings are supplied. The instructions indicate that the reason for this is to cater for the different dimensions found in both the Kinetic and Hasegawa kit. A well thought out addition and a good idea as the decal for the stripes and head is one complete decal that covers the entire fin. Another interesting feature is that there are three different colours of roundels. Apparently on the actual jet the underwing roundels are different shades of grey and in turn are different to the fuselage ones. (I can see everyone diving to their reference shots!).

Image Image

The decals themselves are silk screen printed and three sheets are provided. The main sheet provides the tail decals, roundels and various data. The other two sheets are the now standard Ronin F/A-18 hornet data sheets. These provide all the data and some have been duplicated but are jet specific. The smaller sheet has all the panel numbers if your eyesight permits! I’m impressed with the detail. They look sharp and the roundels look great with no pixilation. When I was looking at pictures of the jet, I noticed that there are white teeth and eyes for the tiger. I didn’t notice on my first kook at the sheet but on closer inspection the teeth and eyes are there in white.
Included with the decals are eight pages of A4 sized colour placement diagrams. One half is for the colour placement and the rest for panel numbers and data. I would work off the colour reference sheets first and then what is left I would use the data placement guides.
This sheet comes highly recommended and would make a nice colourful addition to the world of bland grey jets. The set retails for AU$25 and can be found on their new website or can be found on the ebay store*models with 1/72 and 1/32 versions to follow.

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Re: Ronin Graphics 2OCU F/A-18 75th Scheme 1/48 - Decals

Postby DesTROYer » Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:35 pm

Steve is killing me. Just bring out the Tracker decals already.
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