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Submitting articles for AMI

Postby harvs73 » Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:08 pm

If you would like to submit an article with images of your models it is an easy task. What we need from you is the best and largest images of your model that you have (large in pixel size and kb/mb size). Extra information in the format as per below is requested at a minimum:

Serial No:
A/C type:
Based at:

If you would like to provide a full build article just add it on the email or as a Word document to the email.

Once you have all this info together just email it to and it will end up on the site. Please do not get offended if it does not appear immediately on the site as we are slowly working our way through the backlog of articles already submitted. We also try and provide a variety of artciles on each update rather than a purely one subject eg all mirages.

If you have any other questions then by all means ask here or email me at the address above and ask away.
David Harvey
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