Detail Wire Part 2.

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Detail Wire Part 2.

Postby PeterRus » Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:26 pm

Photo Detail Wire 3
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is Stretch Tie Cord I have used in model car engines, for Radiator Hoses, Fuel Pipes and other plumbing. I mainly buy it for the texture, no matter if it has sparkles in it. They will disappear when painted. You can get different sizes as well.
In Detail Wire 4.
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You sometimes have a small length of Linen Thread in kits you buy. This is usually put in to simulate Rope. I go hunting around Spotlight while the missus is doing her buying, and find things that may be useful in detailing. You can find different thickness in Linen Thread for different size Rope.
You can use Model Ship Rigging Cord as use for Billings Boats. The size will govern which scale you are going to use it for. I am not sure whether I got this one from Micro-Mark or not !
Lead Foil. I was not happy with the thickness of the lead Foil I had until I found some which is .008” thick. I use it for Straps for Rifles, Blankets, Tarps & Camo Nets etc. I have found this is the idea thickness for this sort of detail no matter which scale.

HEALTH WARNING. Always wash your hands after handling Lead Wire. If you have to wipe you eyes, nose or mouth, do so with the back of you hand (index knuckle). Lead Poisoning is very real even at this time.
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