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Re: Adelaide Class FFG from the Academy kits

Postby DDGboy » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:10 pm

DesTROYer wrote:This is coming in very handy with my research. However I need some clarification.

Are these the countermeasure dispensers?

and what are these? Are they Parts E in the Academy instructions?

I am thinking of buying some replacement sprues from Academy, just so I can get the second RHIB for the starboard side and the fourth whip antenna, but it may be just easier to get another kit.

Hi Troy, yes the first photo is the starboard 6-barrelled SRBOC launcher of HMAS Darwin in early 2003, used for firing chaff. Note in that pic live Seagnat rounds are loaded, not often seen, joys of being operational at the time! The locker inboard of it with the shot mat on top is where the rounds are stowed, during the hottest parts of the day a firehose would be placed on the mat and cracked slightly to assist with cooling.

Looking at the kit online for the first time in AGES I think they provide the railings for that area but not the actual launchers, without the kit actually in front of me though I won't confirm this though as made a similar call in the past about the Mk32 torp tubes and they are hidden away on another sprue!

BNA has them, as well as replacement SLQ-32 EW units for pre-FFGUP. Only the middle one shown applies to RAN, the first one is a USN unit with Sidekick jammers. ... s-vtm35010
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